"I have no idea how to sum up, in just a few sentences, how Marie Sena has changed my life. She was the bright white light at the end of my very dark tunnel & battle with breast cancer. In addition to being one of the most talented medical tattoo artists out there, and trust me, I did my research, Marie is a kind, caring & compassionate person who truly believes in her work and truly cares about you as a person and individual. She is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and I am so lucky and blessed to have found her. I will always be so grateful for you Marie!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! I will always fight like a girl & look fabulous doing it thanks to you and your talents!!"


"As part of my return to wholeness I am very thankful for Marie and the amazing work she does as a medical tattoo specialist. I did a lot of research and I was so happy to find Marie was in Dallas. The path to recovery and restoration is different for every women that goes through the breast cancer battle. I am glad that I had the option to select the professional I wanted to perform my final step of reconstruction. Thank you Marie for being so kind and compassionate with me. Your work is amazing!"


"I learned of Marie Sena from my plastic surgeon, after my double mastectomy. At the time, his office was not offering 3-D Nipple Tattoos because his person was moving. He highly recommended Marie and Dallas Medical Tattoo. He explained that the type of "ink" his medical office was able to use would not last as long as Dallas Medical Tattoo. He had seen her work and thought she was "fantastic". I chose not to do anything at the time, but after 2.5 years, I consulted with Marie at her Dallas studio. She was gracious, patient and very understanding. It was clear Marie was very talented. I healed exactly like she said I would and am very pleased with her talented work. I have other breast-cancer survivor friends who had their tattoos done in their doctor's office and they said their tattoos are already faded. Marie had many pictures of tattoos she has done and they all look great; she's confident the colors will stay natural and vibrant. My 3-D tattoo looks very natural. I'm very pleased with her artistic work, plus her gentle soul!!"


"Marie Sena of the Electric Eye is an artistic Angel. She is professional, sensitive, knowledgeable and a master at what she does. I cannot express my gratitude for making me look like a normal woman again. I had been tattooed several times with non-permanent ink and disappointed after every attempt. At last, I have perfectly shaped and shaded areolas and nipples again. It has been just over a year since I had Marie work her magic on me and I am still 110% satisfied. Marie is a jewel and any one who is seeking to look whole again after breast surgery or a mastectomy should most assuredly set an appointment with Marie at the Electric Eye."


"As a breast cancer survivor whose reconstruction went wrong the first time, we had to try a second time, but the second attempt at the tattoos thru the plastic surgeon's office wasn't so great. I went to see Marie to see if she could correct my far too large, neon pepto-bismal pinky-orange areola tattoos. No, I'm not making this up! For the first time in my 5+ year journey, I can look in the mirror and not want to cry. My body looks "normal" again...TO ME!!! I cannot say enough about Marie. Her compassion, her expertise, her kindness and her talent went far beyond my expectations. Ladies, if you are hesitating on making the call, don't hesitate any longer . . . you won't be sorry!!!! I am one happy SURVIVOR!"


"I waited a long time to get my tattoo after my mastectomy. I wanted to make sure I found the right person - and Marie was that person. My tattoo looks so natural you can't tell it isn't the real one. In fact, when my primary care doctor (who had also had a mastectomy) saw it, she was so impressed, she kept bring other people in the office to see my "work of art". But I think the important thing is the way I feel - and that is normal. Marie's finishing touch means that I can go about my life feeling confident, feeling like a woman, and completely put the past challenges of cancer behind me."


"I am a breast cancer survivor and saw the new story on channel 5 about Maria. I had no desire to get a tattoo but after visiting with Maria she was so thoughtful and professional. I had no apprehension in getting my tattoos. I never knew this kind of talent existed, she is gifted and my tats look so real. If you are a breast cancer, or just want a tat she's the BEST in DFW. Her office is really cool too."


"I'm writing this letter to express my heartfelt gratitude for the tattoo services you recently provided to me.  As a cancer survivor having had a mastectomy, there is a heavy psychological aspect to losing your breast.  After meeting with you and talking about various options you were able to design the ideal 3D nipple tattoo to make my reconstructed breast look as real as I could ever imagine.  Not only were you warm and inviting and fun, your work is excellent! In addition to creating a perfect 3D nipple tattoo you created a beautiful flower tattoo to cover a skin cancer scar.  You are a true artist.  But at the same time you have been able to provide a boost to my self esteem that is immeasurable.  I would recommend your services to ANYONE who has gone through something similar to me. Thank you so much for the positive impact you have made in my life!"


"If you are recovering from breast cancer and the associated mastectomy surgery; consider a 3 Dimensional Areola Medical Tattoo at Dallas Medical Tattoo. I was recovering from a bilateral (double) mastectomy. My plastic surgeon and oncologist referred me to Dallas Medical Tattoo. I was somewhat ambivalent about having areola. I was just so tired of treatments, surgery, etc. I was not that interested, but I was very interested in cosmetic tattooing for my eye brows. After chemo, what grew back was thin and very pale in color. So, I called Dallas Medical Tattoo, artist Marie Sena and explained my situation and made an appointment. I never dreamed that having the 3D Tattoo would make me feel whole again, it was an instantaneous positive result. I would not hesitate for a second to have it done again. Those I have shared my results with have been amazed. The eyebrows look great as well. Marie is a truly gifted and caring "artist". She has a Masters Degree in Medical Tattooing from UT Southwestern Medical Center. She is UNIQUE...meaning no one else has the talent or credidentials in the metroplex area and way beyond."


"My experience with Marie was life transforming. Her artistry transformed the way I view my body. As a breast cancer survivor, I had a least that ideal tattoo that didn't approximate a natural look on my reconstructed breast. For years, I was hesitant to make changes , thinking that was just the way it was supposed to be. Marie's incredible artistry and kindness was featured in the local news channel. I made an appointment after overcoming fears, and what she gave me back was my self-esteem and confidence with her art. I was so happy, I decided to do a separate tattoo to cover the large scar across my stomach left after surgery to harvest the donor tissue. It is now a beautiful delicate art piece that I am proud to display."


"I am writing to thank  you for your excellent work and being so skilled, caring and professional.  My surgeon was so right that you are the go to artist.  It is such an incredible feeling to look in the mirror and feel like I am whole again. You just did a beautiful job.  Thank you for a wonderful experience."


"Marie was a blessing.  She talked me through everything.  Made me feel very comfortable.  Made me look complete again.  I didn't realize how incomplete I felt until I had this done.  The tattoos look so realistic and take the focus away from the scars.  I am so happy I had this done.  Why did I wait to long?!"


"I came in with a unique request and we thoroughly discussed the size, shape, color, and placement of my tattoos before starting. My tattoos have come up in many conversations because of how natural they look. Marie is incredibly talented and listens to the needs of those she tattoos. I've recommended her to many friends. 5/5 stars! You rock, Marie!"


"I went to Dallas Medical tattoo for areola tattoos after breast reconstruction for breast cancer. Marie was very professional, compassionate, and patient with me. She made sure to ask questions about how I wanted them to look and checked with me throughout the procedure to make sure I was comfortable and liked the results. Her attention to detail is unbelievable!  They look just like the real thing!!! I am so happy! I would highly recommend her!!!"


"I went to Marie after reconstruction surgery when my breast cancer treatments were over. I wasn't sure what this process would be like or how my tattoos would look. I am 51 and I had never had a tattoo. The tattoos look great and make me feel so much better about my body. Marie was very respectful and did a great job. I would recommend her to anyone that needed this procedure. The process and treatments for breast cancer are not just physical but also psychological. Getting the tattoos helped ease some of the pain of losing my breasts both physically and psychologically. Thanks Marie!"


"I was referred to Marie by my plastic surgeon and I am forever indebted and grateful to both of them for their unique and immeasurable contribution to my recovery. I had a mastectomy with double pap flap reconstruction. I was grateful to wake up after surgery and have something that, when dressed would pass for a breast. But it all really came together after Marie tattooed the nipple for me. Up until that point I had a passable lump of flesh, but after the tattoo, it was like I was whole again. When I looked in the mirror it no longer reflected the trauma or concern, I just saw me. I have never been an exhabitionist, but after the amazing job done by my surgeon and Marie, I want to show EVERYONE!!!! I often think about how blessed I am to have been given Marie's number. I've met other women who have gone through this as well and ALL of them comment on the wonderful job and how real my nipple looks. I could write volumes about how grateful I am to have had Marie do my tattoo. So professional, so skilled, and truly talented! Thank you, Marie for your contribution to this healing process."


"Marie did an amazing job on my 3D nipple tattoos! I didn't know how much they would mean to me till I saw them finished. She was professional, sensitive to the nature of the work, and very kind. She closes the office so it's just you and her - and again, I didn't know this was important until I got there and began the process. My plastic surgeon was very impressed with her work and technique. I travelled from Austin to Dallas to have her perform this work and it was worth it. I can't recommend her enough!"


"Dallas Medical Tattoo provide an invaluable service to women who have lost nipples due to breast cancer surgery. This was the final step of my treatment plan before putting all this mess behind me. It was the only step that provided any joy. I could not be more pleased with the final result. Marie is kind, compassionate, professional and an incredibly talented tattoo artist. I highly recommend her to anyone who is considering areola tattooing, or any other tattoo for that matter. She graciously shares her creative gift in providing a much needed medical service."


"Had a wonderful experience with Marie! The quality of her work was amazing, she was incredibly sensitive and lovely to talk to. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to get their 3-D nipple tattoos after a mastectomy. She has a wonderful temperament to deal with people in this situation, she is not judgemental, and her work is excellent. It's been several months since I had the tattoos done and I smile every time I look in the mirror."


"Marie is great at what she does. After having FTM chest reconstruction, my areolas healed in a strange shape and my nipples healed rather flat. A revision did little to fix my problem so I reached out to Marie to see if she could help. She was able to even out the shape of my areolas and make the nipples appear less flat than they actually are. I couldn't be happier with the results. I would recommend Marie to anyone without hesitation."


"2005 breast cancer survivor, after several reconstructed surgeries and a faded areola tattoo that I left alone for several years... I decided to revisit it again and searched online for someone who could re-do my tattoo.... I discovered Marie in an online news article about 3D tattoos for breast cancer survivors when I was searching ... I saw some of her work and was so intrigued about the 3D tattoo procedure that I had to give her a call... I wish I found her much sooner, because I was so self conscious about my breast for so long... the 3D tattoo made a huge difference... now I don't dwell on that issue about my breast anymore... it's like a weight has been lifted...I'm not feeling depressed about it anymore... I'm VERY happy with results... I feel 'normal' again!!!"


"Marie was wonderful, I lost both my breast in 2014 to cancer. I ended up with a really bad infection lost the right implant 3 months later. So when I was finally ready to be whole again I got on line and read about Marie.  We had a great phone conversation and set the appointment. I was a little nervous going in however that went away the minute we shook hands. My tats look amazing. I stood up looked in the mirror and cried for the first time in over two years I felt like a woman again. I can't thank her enough for the job she did."


"Marie was wonderful in helping me with medical tattoos after a double mastectomy! She was very professional and knew exactly how to match the tattoos to my individual skin color. It has been almost two years and they have not faded. I would definitely recommend spending the money to get this done after reconstruction!"


"My Wife opted to have 3D nipples tattooed on instead of having them reconstructed and 2D tattooed after consulting with her plastic surgeon, he recommended Dallas Medical Tattoo, based in their reputation and personal feedback he had received. We contacted The studio and both Marie and her Husband were extremely helpful and professional on the phone, this helped set my Wife at ease. Since I have numerous tattoos and wanted to be there to witness closure on her breast cancer journey I accompanied her to the appointment (plus I love her so much it hurts). The studio is unique and extremely clean. Marie took my Wife's input, but instinctively new what needed to happen. She drew on the size and placement perfectly. The tattoos look amazing and we are very pleased. Marie has a calming way about her and kept my Wife comfortable and engaged during the procedure, she was also most thorough with post procedure expectations and care. Marie even provided all the insurance forms for us to submit. This is a procedure/service not yet covered by insurance but needs to be, it provides an important milestone marker to cancer survivors and is a necessary step in the healing process both physically and mentally. If we had opted to have our plastic surgeon perform a less aesthetically pleasing 2D rendition (no knock to him), it would have been covered. Regardless, it was worth it. If you are considering a more natural looking nipple, this is the studio and artist for you. Thank you Marie for your positive, professional attitude/environment and stellar work!"


"I am a two year Breast Cancer survivor and I had an incredible experience during my Breast Cancer Journey. After 16 months of multiple surgeries and chemo, my 3D Areola tattoo was the icing on the cake. Marie Sena with Dallas Medical Tattoo completed my reconstruction process by creating a beautiful tattoo for me. I highly recommend Marie for medical tattooing. Her studio is quite, peaceful and private. She takes her time in making one feel comfortable and choosing the perfect color palette. Her artistic approach to my 3D Areola tattoo helped me to feel whole again."


"I was referred to Marie by Dr. Toledo in Highland Park. In my case, I had a previous reduction in which I lost a little bit of my pigmentation and I visited Electric Eye which also operates as Dallas Medical Tattoo for Marie's particular services. Marie was so welcoming...a genuinely good soul. I had no idea what to expect because the areola is such a sensitive area on the body, but she made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process. In addition to that she did an AMAZING job, and I felt very minimal discomfort. In one breast, there was no discomfort at all! I'd also like to mention that I had absolute privacy, as it was no one on the building except her and myself. If any of you know someone who's had a mastectomy (or a breast job in general) that is interested in covering their areola scars or having their areola revised, this is definitely the place to go!"


"I highly recommend Marie. She is gentle and has a keen sense for detail. Not only did she do beautiful work, she is ever mindful of how her 'art' empowers, esteems and equips a woman to be her bigger, bolder self!"


"My plastic surgeon referred me to Marie Sena. She is a caring and talented tattoo artist. The quality of her work is amazing! I highly recommend Marie Sena at the Dallas Medical Tattoo."